The peace has been broken...

Battle your way through the
world of Harmony to become the best.

Harmonic Decay Online

It's 2045 on the planet on Harmony. As the survivor of a nuclear fallout you are a humanoid on the path to discover the truth of what has unvieled. You set out on an adventure with the goal to reunite Harmony once again.

Your Character, Your Story.

Fight against real and CPU players. May the best fighter win!

Genesis Land Mint

Our genesis land mint will consist of a total of 10,200 Shelters, 450 of these shelters will be reserved for the team as well as promotion & marketing.

Compact Shelter

  • 4900 Available for mint
    • Smallest sized shelter
    • 1 merchant in your shelter (see roadmap)
    • Rested XP accumulated at lowest rate (see roadmap)
    • Small Inventory Bank/Storage Container (see roadmap)

Standard Shelter

  • 3200 Available for mint
    • Middle sized shelter
    • 2 merchant in your shelter (see roadmap)
    • Rested XP accumulated at medium rate (see roadmap)
    • Medium Inventory Bank/Storage Container (see roadmap)

Sizable Shelter

  • 1650 Available for mint
    • Largest sized shelter
    • 3 merchant in your shelter (see roadmap)
    • Rested XP accumulated at fastest rate (see roadmap)
    • Large Inventory Bank/Storage Container (see roadmap)

HDO Whitepaper

We know you still must have tons of questions but don't fear, we've got you covered. All of the information about game theory, genesis land mint, funding allocations etc, can be found in our Notion page. To get to the Notion site please click the button below.


We are a US registered company, our team is front and center within the Web3 space and has all the tools necessary to overdeliver.


Lead Developer




VP, Strategic Growth


We welcome all NFT Communities into the world of Harmony, send us a message today!

Create your own inspired character species within the world of Harmony.

  • Personal lore integration (storyline)
  • Personal starting Area
  • Native attack & special attack graphics
  • Free shelter gift for partners